Product strategy

Product lines & Logo

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Product lines >> The Walt Disney Company has multiple product to attract more people. The company has four main businesses for our customers. These four main businesses are different features and logo but all are entertainment.

Disney consumer products -- These various products are represented all of the new and old Disney characters. Our products are appropriate with all of target groups; babies, children, teenagers, and adults. Our customers can select product that they want to buy.

>> Disney Store

- Toys

- Kids Clothes & Accessories

- Adult Clothes & Accessories

- Art & Collectibles

- Movies

- Music & Books

- Gift

>> Disney Baby

>> Disney Princess

>> Disney Fairies

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts business unit logo

Disney world theme parks and resorts

The Magic Kingdom >>

- Main Street, U.S.A.

- Adventure land

- Frontier land

- Liberty Square

- Fantasyland

- Tomorrow land

- Mickey's Toon town Fair

Epcot>> The park is offered to international culture and technological innovation.

Disney's Hollywood Studios>> This theme shows the heyday of Hollywood.

Disney's Animal Kingdom>> The park is made up of seven themed areas. Our customers can walk around the whole park to see all animals.

Disney media networks -- Disney's family of

- ABC Television Network

- Disney Radio Stations

- Disney Television Stations

- The Disney Channel

Disney studio entertainment -- Where the animated features and live-action motion pictures are.

- Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

- Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

- Miramax Film

Target Groups

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Before our company will begin to produce our products, we must first decide what we are selling, and who we want to sell it to. It must be clear what the target market is, so this is a good and successful marketing plan. Firstly, Walt Disney Company’s market is the children till the age of twelve. Many years later, we were realized that the target market is not only young children, but it includes the parents who take their children to the movies or our theme parks or stores. Therefore, our target market is all groups of customers such as children, teenagers and adults; importantly, we have Disney Baby’s collection for babies. Because of the Walt Disney would like to make people happy, so our target market is all groups. We know many people want the happiness.


To develop a branding strategy for a company is very important. Brand is the heart of company in the difference. Because of Disney Company has branched off into various extensions around the world; therefore, the Walt Disney Company is a very strong and well known brand name and image”. Disney is the most recognized brand name in the entertainment industry. There are four significant points of the Walt Disney Company’s branding strategy that we give to our customers.

Promise >> “To make people happy”, this is our promise that we continuously give our customers. We must give them happiness.

Slogan >> “Where Dream Come True”, the Disneyland’s Slogan is very interesting and persuasive many people come to.

Logo >> The Walt Disney Company’s logo is the symbol of quality and it makes customers have a loyalty with our brand.

Brand values >>

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The Walt Disney Company is the leader in the entertainment and media industry. Nowadays, the company has four main businesses; consumer products, theme parks and resorts, media networks and studio entertainment. We have various target groups; we also have various products for our customers. The happiness is only one thing that our different target groups want at the same time. Exactly, main things that we sell to our customers are the happiness and fun. I truly believe that happiness and fun are the first two things that firstly occur in the heart of our customers when they think of the Walt Disney Company.

Key successful factors related to the product
The Walt Disney Company is clever to make brand to be the leader in the entertainment business. The Company always improves and develops the business since the company was founded in 1923 until nowadays. For a long time that we have tried to establish our brand be popular in now, we have used many ways to make it better following;

- The Walt Disney World theme parks continuously offer products and services to attract the visitors. We know that our current customers want the convenience, so the stores with gifts and restaurants with food are on every corner for their convenience.

- Walt Disney World as Disneyland attracts visitors from many countries. We realize that our business can grow if we offer our products to other marketplaces, so Disney has delivered our theme parks to others such as Disneyland Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc. These theme parks bring many visitors. The Walt Disney Company has increased our marketplace and expanded global brand by building theme parks in other countries.

- The Walt Disney Company is always advertising; we never stop the promotions. Our customer can see our ads on TV, print publication, internet. Importantly, we also send the direct mail to the customers.

- We continuously improve and build the new attractions to our customers. The most well known products are movies. Always, Disney studio creates new motion pictures. These movies are our profits because we can create products or collections by movies such as dolls, toys, games, etc.


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