Promotion strategy

The Walt Disney Company never stops our promotions. We are always advertising. Our customers can see our ads on television, print publications, internet, and the ads on grocery store coupon. Besides, Disney also sends direct mail to our customers. Mostly, the Walt Disney Company delivers our promotions through television by advertising because television is an easiest way for our customers. We believe that there are many people watch TV. Parents and their children are always watching television together. So, this strategy can persuade both children and their parents. This is the Walt Disney Company’s key promotion strategy.

According to these advertisements, there are two promotion strategies; sale promotion and advertising. The Walt Disney Company has promoted these advertisements by using sale promotion strategy through advertising on television. The ads are about Mickey's Magical Party at Disneyland and Disneyland New Generation Festival. The company is clever to persuade the visitors by using the characters from stories such Mickey Mouse and his friends, Snow White, Cinderella, the Toy Story, etc. Besides, the ads show the happiness of people who visit Disneyland. Therefore, these can persuade many people, especially children who want to meet their beloved princess and others.

The Walt Disney also promotes the advertisements on the internet; nevertheless, television is the first media that parents can see the ads with their children. Because of some parents don’t want their children surf the internet too much, so advertising through television is the best way and this is the success of the Walt Disney Company’ promotion strategy.